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May 2007 Update - War Looms

As we continue to keep our eyes on the Holy Land, it would appear that the Arab world is becoming more and more aggressive in their pursuit of Israel and its land. It is evident from the following news article that Syria has ramped up its demand for the return of the Golan Heights. This area is so vitally strategic to Israel’s security that they would risk total annihilation if they give up any portion to the Syrians. Why does Israel always give up something, and receive nothing in return? They returned the Sinai and Gaza, and now the haters of the Jewish nation are demanding more, all under the false promise of peace. As with the U.S., the only way to have peace is through strength, not weakness.

The following quotes were taken from the Arutz Sheva news agency 4/18/07.

Syrian President Bashar Assad said Wednesday that Syria is ready for a war with Israel.

"Syria grows stronger every day," Assad told the Arabic Dar Al-Hayat daily, adding that Israel is a "bitter enemy." He also said that contacts between Syria and Israel take place about once a month, with no results, due to Israel’s refusal to unilaterally withdraw from the Golan Heights. "We do not know whether war will take place, but we should not disregard this possibility," Assad concluded.

Syrian Information Minister Mohsen Bilal said Sunday that, "If Israel rejects the Arab League peace proposal, resistance will be the only way to liberate the Golan Heights."

Israel has annexed the Golan Heights, the high ground overlooking northern Israel, after liberating it from Syria in 1967 during the Six Day War. More than 40,000 Israeli Jews now live in the Golan.

MK Israel Katz (Likud) slammed Olmert’s response to Assad’s war talk during the committee meeting. "You are mistaken to think that the Syrians are increasing their strength for self defense," he said, addressing the prime minister. "The Syrians are planning a terror attack in the Golan Heights in the summer and are building fortifications to prevent Israel from defending itself when the attack.

Syria Building Advanced Missile-Launch-Bunkers

The Christian Broadcasting Network has gone into further detail about Syria’s preparations for war. Missile expert Uzi Rubin describes what he terms "Syria’s Cape Canaveral," referring to the headquarters of the American NASA space agency.

One installation features Syrian missile launchers housed in more than 30 huge concrete bunkers surrounding an operations command center. "They learned the trick that even shorter-range missiles that are fired in salvos from multiple rocket launchers are very effective against Israel's civilian population," Rubin said.

Another military site includes a drive-through building were chemical warheads are stored. "The Scud D can hit any point in Israel from the furthermost point in Syria near the Iraqi border," Rubin says. "It was done specifically in order to have this range to hit every single point in Israel."