[ Eyes on Israel - October 2007 Update ]

October 2007 Update

Temple Rebuilding Preparations Continue

For those who are watching world events, you must have heard by now of the heated debate in Israel over the dividing of Jerusalem for the purpose of trying to appease the Arabs. As this situation continues to escalate, it is worth reporting that the preparations are moving forward in anticipation of rebuilding the Temple in Jerusalem. Could it be possible that out of all these negotiations one part of the deal will be for a space to be allotted on the Temple Mount for the rebuilding of the Temple? We can only watch and see. We also know that the Temple does not have to be rebuilt for the morning and evening offerings to resume. There only needs to be an altar for the sacrifice.

In light of this, it is worth mentioning that, as has been reported in the Arutz Sheva newspaper, a large amount of gold (1 Kilogram or 2.2 pounds) was donated for the future Temple.

West Papua Delegation Donates Gold For Holy Temple

“On Wednesday, the last day of the Sukkot festival, a 34-person delegation from West Papua presented a large amount of gold to be used in the building of the Holy Temple.

“The delegation, including representatives of the nation’s government, explained that they study the Bible regularly and recently came upon a verse in Zecharia (6:16) reading “And the distant ones will come and build the Temple of G-d.” They discussed the passage among themselves and decided that their faith obligates them to fulfill the verse.

“West Papua, located in the southwestern Pacific Ocean, is rich in gold mines, so the delegation thought it natural to donate gold for the Holy Temple. The Holy Temple will be built in the place where the First and Second Temples once stood – on Jerusalem’s Temple Mount.

“The group presented a kilogram of gold and a large sum of money. They requested that the gold be used to construct vessels for the Temple and that the funds be used by the institute for any purpose it sees fit. The institute has a fund set aside for exclusive use for the actual construction of the temple, as well as funds for building the vessels and engaging in educational projects....

“Delegation members said that although this is their first contribution for the Temple, it will certainly not be their last. “They said that in Papua there are fine trees that they hope to one day bring aboard a ship to Israel in order to be used in the building of the Holy Temple," the rabbi said….

“Just two weeks ago, the institute completed a large “King David’s Lyre.” Its craftsmen are working now on the golden headpiece worn by the high priest.”

Since we do not believe in coincidences, it is also worth noting that just before the Feast of Tabernacles it was reported the quarry where the stones for the second Temple were cut was located. This was reported on September 24, with the report on the gold donation coming in on the last day of the Feast of Tabernacles.

Quarry for Temple Mount's Giant Rocks - Found
by Hillel Fendel

The Antiquities Authority announced today that it has found the quarry that supplied the giant stones for the building of the Temple Mount. The quarry is located in what is now one of Jerusalem's newest neighborhoods, Ramat Shlomo (also known as Reches Shuafat), between Ramot and French Hill. The quarry was found in the course of an archaeological rescue dig prior to the construction of a neighborhood school.

The ancient quarry is spread out over at least five dunams (1.25 acres), with rocks between three and eight meters long - the size of those that can still be seen today at the foundations of the Temple Mount and in the Western Wall - hewn out of the ground.

The Shuafat mountain is some 80 meters higher than the Temple Mount. That, and its proximity to the main road to Jerusalem from the north, made this quarry a prime candidate to provide the rocks to be used in the city's important buildings. Teams of oxen pulled the giant stones down the moderate incline towards the city. The rocks were then placed upon the bedrock, forming the foundation of the Temple Mount, and keeping it stable and firm without the use of concrete even up until today.

We are truly living in exciting times. While we know that this nation is cursed with a curse because of it’s sin, we can also be sure that according to Yahweh’s word we as individuals can receive a blessing as is expressed in Ps 122:6: “Pray for the peace of Jerusalem: May they prosper who love you.” (NASU)

We long for the day when peace is truly the norm for Jerusalem and all Israel. We know that will be in Yahweh’s Kingdom, and may we all be blessed as we continue to watch the signs of the times and keep our “Eyes on Israel”