[ Kenya 2005 Report ]

Elder Joyner's Final Report

November 15, 2005 - YPTC has, over the last 8 months, been in communication with a group of men and women in Kenya, East Africa, who have been worshiping Yahweh for many years. Because of extensive fraud existing among many of those who profess to be spiritually motivated, the ministers of YPTC wanted to be as certain as possible of the sincerity of these people. Therefore, we engaged in a series of exchanges that were designed to examine their intentions.

Our first contact with them came through our website. They were extremely impressed with the YPTC “Declaration of Beliefs” and expressed their agreement with its biblical tenets. As time progressed, their sincere and genuine interest in the Truth became apparent and we recognized our responsibility to feed Yahshua’s sheep. We are to become one fold united in truth and fellowship. “And I have other sheep, which are not of this fold; I must bring them also, and they shall hear My voice; and they shall become one flock with one shepherd.” (John 10:16; NASB)

After much prayer, thought, and discussion, we determined it necessary to visit Kenya and personally assess the situation. On the evening of October 23, 2005, Elders Karl Bloodworth and Tyrone Joyner arrived at the airport in Nairobi, Kenya, East Africa. Brother Peter Wararid, the man who had initiated our communications, informed us that he and a group would meet us as we disembarked. To our amazement, a group of nearly one hundred was awaiting our arrival.

What a truly inspiring experience to be greeted so warmly and enthusiastically by people whom we had not previously met. It was a great and inspirational blessing to be a part of this wonderful gathering of Yahweh’s people! No meetings were scheduled for that evening, and we were able to get some much needed rest after our long journey.

A brief review of the first few days has already been reported on this website. However, it is significant to state again that we hit the ground running, as the expression goes. From Monday evening until I left the following Monday night, we were either traveling to meetings or conducting them. Each day began with us arising no later than 6:30 am and at times as early as 4:00 a.m.

On Wednesday we were invited to meet with a group who had just completed observing the Feast of Tabernacles that prior evening. They knew nothing about this year’s Abib search which had taken place earlier this year. Therefore, they had not changed their calendar to match the verification of the early new year. As we all know, the majority of Judaism rejected the evidence of the Abib and they and all who followed their calendar kept the Feast Days a month late. This group was among many who kept all of this year’s Holy Days at the wrong times. When, during their FOT convocation, they were informed of this error they started to seek answers. We arranged to meet with the larger congregation after their Feast ended.

That same day, we traveled to Limuru to speak with most of their members and the many visitors who had been informed of our arrival. There were approximately 40 of these new inquirers in attendance. We spoke with them for over 3 hours speaking on the importance of the Name of Yahweh and on the Sabbaths as well. Questions were also taken and responses given on a number of other subjects and doctrines.

This meeting bore much fruit as several members and leaders of the group continued to have discussions with local leaders. It is almost certain that the original congregation will yield a number of new converts to the truth in the coming months.

Thursday morning we arose early to begin what turned out to be a 7 hour journey to Nanyuki . There in a small community among the Masai, a new sister was added to the fold after her immersion in a local water hole. Approximately thirty five people witnessed this important event for the brethren in Kenya and for YPTC. This was the first baptism for this organization in a country where members did not already exist. It was exciting for each of us as we considered the significance of this great event. Yahweh is expanding this ministry and our efforts to help gather sincere seekers of truth wherever they live.

On Friday, another long journey was undertaken, this time to Kapsabet, the home of a brother of Peter Wararid, where we conducted services for a group of about forty. Each of them was still in the learning stages. Both Karl and I spoke and provided instruction and much needed encouragement for all in attendance. The local leaders made plans to include this group in a regular circuit of visits to instruct interested seekers of Yahweh’s Truth.

The weekly Sabbath was especially exciting. We met with the main body of the Kenya congregation in Naivasha. The group was quite large, numbering well over one hundred twenty men, women and children. Once again both Karl and I spoke and encouraged the brethren.

At the conclusion of the service, we ordained five men; two as elders and three as deacons. Earlier in the week, on Monday, during an instructional meeting with prospective leaders who would assist in a variety of capacities, Peter Warari and Francis Chege Mungai were ordained as elders. They represented the first new elders ordained outside of the main body of worshipers of YPTC. That was truly inspiring. The ordinations, which took place before the entire congregation of Yahweh’s servants, were inspirational and unbelievably fulfilling. The brethren rejoiced as they witnessed this act of faith. Praise Yahweh for the many ways He is moving to increase our ability to take the word of truth to the four corners of the earth.

After much prayer, consideration, and examination, these men were ordained. All met the scriptural qualifications necessary for their particular position. We acted in accordance with Paul’s instruction to lay hands suddenly on no man. We were careful to heed this instruction while at the same time we fulfilled our responsibility to appoint elders to care for the flock. “The reason I left you in Crete was that you might straighten out what was left unfinished and appoint elders in every town, as I directed you.” (Titus 1:5; NIV)

On Sunday, October 30, we met at the home of Edward Warari, another of Elder Peter’s brothers. There were as many as sixty seekers in attendance. Here, we continued to preach sound doctrine and provide guidance for this group of people who are hungering and thirsting for truth. Earlier in the day, we had immersed ten new babes in the Messiah. They gave their public confession of faith and accepted Yahshua as the true Son of Yahweh. As is always the case, the immersion of this group reminded us of our own vow to Yahweh and to maintaining the faith delivered to us.

Monday, was a day of preparation for my return trip. After searching for various supplies that we would need to purchase before Karl leaves next week, we traveled to Kitengera and conducted services in the home of Brother Daniel Ngiga. Around twenty adults squeezed into his very small living room. We studied and discussed Yahweh’s Holy Convocations as well as personal purity to these very interested seekers.

During this trip we witnessed the extremely difficult conditions of people who subsisted on as little as $1.50 per day in wages. The poverty level was heart wrenching. Each day we were confronted with the reality of the wealth that even the poorest Westerner has in comparison. This does not negate nor minimize any difficulties that we witness here. But they all pale compared to the poverty in Africa. (View Special Needs Page)

Despite these extreme conditions, the people we met, both brethren and interested persons, all displayed a zeal for learning about Almighty Yahweh and His Son Yahshua. Such dedication and commitment is rarely witnessed in the West. We attempted to organize the leaders and provide instruction to allow and assist them in continuing, and expanding, the work they had already started.

On a personal note, I always miss my family more towards the end of such ministerial journeys as I anticipate seeing my loved ones. But there was also a tremendous sadness as I considered that soon I would be leaving behind my friend and dedicated partner on this trip, Elder Bloodworth. It was also difficult to leave these new brothers and sisters. They had become friends as well as brethren in Yahshua. A group of at least twelve accompanied us on each journey. Since each trip was quite long (the shortest being 2 hours) we had much time to bond and get to know each other.

I thank Yahweh for allowing me to participate in this great event in the history of the worship of Yahweh. I know Karl and the brethren in Kenya shared this sentiment. May Almighty Yahweh bless us all as we do our part to take the truth of Yahweh to the four corners of the earth.

Elder Tyrone Joyner

October 26, 2005 - Update Letter from Kenya

Shalom Brethren,

As you know we have arrived in Kenya. Praise Yahweh for His protection thus far. We have had a very productive trip and pray that the ministry continues to move forward as we strive to do Yahweh's will.

Karl (Bloodworth) and I met in Amsterdam, Holland and travelled on to Kenya. We were met at the airport by nearly 100 excited brethren, all gathered to welcome representatives from YPTC to their nation. Some had stayed over from services on the weekly Sabbath.

On Monday, we met with the local leaders here to discuss the responsibilities of leadership, and the importance of working together for the common cause of spreading Yahweh's Truth throughout Kenya. In the evening, we met with leaders of a different organization who expressed interest in joining with us. They had studied the Declaration of Beliefs and stated that they had never seen a document such as this. After some questions concerning various doctrinal points, they expressed their full and complete agreement with, and their willingness to live by, its principles. Praise Yahweh for His movement among these people.

On Tuesday, we travelled to Nyahururu to meet with about 35 interested souls. We taught on the subject of the Name and the Law of Yahweh. We were only able to teach with the aid of translators. The hearers were extremely joyous as they received this knowledge. Several songs of praise were sung including specials,all of which were offered in Kikuyu, the local dialect. The local leaders have made arrangements to send representatives to this region regularly even though they are quite far and isolated from any other believers.

On Wednesday, we travelled to Ndeiya Limuru to meet with around 60 people and once again taught on various subjects. After speaking, several individuals expressed an interest in further communication with our organization. We have made arrangements for this to be a reality. At this point, we expect to have many join with us as a result of this meeting. It is also possible the leaders of that group, which is the same one we met with on Monday evening, will unite as well. Our representatives will continue discussions on this matter in the coming weeks and months.

Tomorrow, (Thursday) we plan to travel to Nanyuki to meet with brethren there as well as 20 or more other interested persons. We will send more information in the coming days.

Yahweh has truly blessed this effort and the trip has so far proved to be well worth the time, expense and effort. Each day during the remaining time here we have visits with various groups scheduled. So far, we have met with well over 100 new persons, in addition to the prospective members.

Praise Yahweh for His mercy, guidance, and protection during this momentous journey. Until our next communication, may Yahweh continue to receive the increase.

Tyrone Joyner

Letter from Peter Warari from Kenya

Shalom Elder Bob,

This is Peter Warari.

We are elated and very much blessed by having Elders Karl and Tyrone here with us.

Yahweh allowed them to travel safely here to Kenya. The very next day we hit the road to evangelize. All is going well. WE anticipate that sooner rather than later YPTC will be a positive force to reckon with here in Kenya.

We are having difficulties sending pictures over the Internet, but we will continue to send them in hope that you will soon be seeing them.

The roads here are rough. We are happy that you are bearing with us in your prayers. As it is night, we will keep you posted.

Bye, Yahweh Bless, & Shalom to all,

Peter and Francis

October 24, 2005 - Initial Report from Kenya

Two representatives from YPTC landed at Jomo Kenyatta International Airport in Nairobi, Kenya. Their plane landed at 9:50 AM local time (2:50 AM EST.) and was met by approximately 75-100 seekers of Yahweh's Truth.

This is the first missionary journey to a foreign country made by the brethren of YPTC. This journey has been in development and planning for over six months and is the culmination of many hours work by dedicated brethren on both sides of the Atlantic and made possible by the special offerings of Yahweh's devoted servants. Almighty Yahweh has blessed in so many ways in bringing this to pass and we continue our prayers and supplication for it's success and their safe return.