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Kenya Mission Report #1

We received word from Elder Karl Bloodworth on Tuesday, 14, November, 2006 of his safe arrival in Nairobi, Kenya. Upon passing through customs, he was greeted by a large number of brethren who turned out to welcome him back to Kenya.

Karl sends best regards from the brethren in Kenya. The first leg of his trip went well. However, before he embarked on his first visitation journey, it was necessary to purchase three tires and a windshield for the YPTC car. Once that was accomplished, he and several elders and brethren left this morning (Wednesday, 11/15/2006) to meet with six groups in Kisii. He phoned us on the way and reported that, except for having to replace the car’s alternator, all was going well.

He will spend the next four days in the Kisii area and will then return to Nairobi on Monday. They expect to visit other interested people on the return trip. Once back in Nairobi Karl hopes to send pictures and give a more detailed report.

As we get more information we will pass it along via this website. Please remember to pray for Karl and the Kenyan brethren.

May Almighty Yahweh Bless His People Around the World!

Your Brethren In Yahweh’s Truth

Kenya Mission Report #2

We have good news to report from Kenya! Elder Karl Boodworth and Elder Peter Warari have spent the last week holding meetings in various locations in Kissii. They have been traveling in a very primitive area where there is no electricity and therefore have not been able to report their activities regularly but have finally been able to send us this update:

The enthusiasm they have encountered to learn the truth of Yahweh‘s Word has been overwhelming. People are coming out in droves, many walking long distances to hear and learn of Yahweh’s more perfect way. Although most are currently Sunday keepers, they are expressing great interest in learning the truth of Yahweh and Yahshua, the 7th day Sabbath, and Yahweh’s feast days. The meetings have been very well attended. As the YPTC representatives arrive in an area, word spreads quickly and many gather to receive the message of salvation. Elder Bloodworth has expressed how deeply touched he has been by the sincere hunger that these people have for Yahweh’s Word.

On Sabbath, November 18, well over a hundred people attended Sabbath services. Later that day they went to the rain swollen Gucha River where 25 people were baptized into Yahshua’s Name. The water was blood red due to the red clay run-off in that area. He reports how encouraging and inspirational it was to see these people baptized in water that looked like the cleansing blood of our Savor Yahshua. We praise Yahweh for these newly cleansed converts.

Over the next days, as this mission continues, more immersions are expected. Many have been eagerly waiting for months to be immersed. The Kenyan elders have been laboring diligently to share Yahweh’s message of salvation and determined to wait for Elder Bloodworth to return to take part in expanding the flock of Yahweh and Yahshua. How joyous it is to see Yahshua’s words fulfilled before our eyes. "I am the good shepherd, and I know My own and My own know Me, even as the Father knows Me and I know the Father; and I lay down My life for the sheep. I have other sheep, which are not of this fold; I must bring them also, and they will hear My voice; and they will become one flock with one shepherd." (John 10:14-16; NASU)

On the way back to Nairobi, they stopped in Koru and gathered with a group of people who learned the 7th day Sabbath and other truths many years ago from A. N. Dugger. Dugger was the leader of 7th Day COG, Jerusalem. After hearing Yahweh’s Truth proclaimed as never before, many expressed a sincere willingness and desire to study the Word of Yahweh through the YPTC Declaration of Beliefs.

The ministers continued their travels making stops in Nyamira and Limuru. When they return to Nairobi, Elder Bloodworth hopes to send pictures and more details of this important trip. We will post all updates on the YPTC website as soon as possible.

Yahweh has blessed and has called upon YPTC to take His Great Commission message to the nations. We ask all who support this ministry and its efforts to continue to pray diligently for the success of this trip and proclaim HalleluYAH! for the awesome blessings and responsibilities we have been given! Stay tuned!

Kenya Mission Final Report

Greetings Brethren and Friends,

Thanks be to Yahweh, I have safely returned to the United States with good news of the progress YPTC is having in Kenya. All the brethren in Africa send their love and thanks to all here for your support for this great project. Thanks to you this trip was made possible and now they have heard the Truth of Yahweh expounded more perfectly.

This was our second missionary journey to the continent of Africa. Once again, the people were very excited to come out to hear the Truth of Yahweh proclaimed. Beginning with our departure last year, they were already anticipating the return of a YPTC representative. It was very encouraging to witness how eager the people were to hear the Word expounded to them. Their sincerity was obvious. They are not just hearers of the Word; they are doers. With open ears, they listen to all that is spoken, and then they apply what they have learned. It was such a great joy to see and preach to people that were hungering and thirsting for the Word of Yahweh. The dedication of the brethren to Yahweh was rewarded with a significant increase in the membership. We baptized a total of 32 people while we were there with 25 being baptized in one day.

The biggest difference in this journey and the one last year was that we traveled away from Nairobi to distant locations. Last year we returned to Nairobi each night, but this year we stayed in many of the areas we traveled to. None of the locations had electricity or running water.

However, since my return home, I keep asking myself the question: "Are we really blessed with all the material goods we have here in America?" The people in Africa have very little in the way of material possessions. In many cases, they do not even have jobs. It may be that the absence of these material blessings causes them to be very rich spiritually. When you preach to them, they hang on every word. They travel many miles on foot or by public transportation just to hear the Word of Yahweh being preached. Many times Americans have a difficult time getting up and preparing for services, even though we frequently only drive short distances over well paved roads and in comfortable cars. Once there, many seem to be a hurry to leave the company of the brethren, while others do not bother to show up at all.

These people were willing to sleep on a blanket on the floor just to be among brethren of like precious faith. We can all learn some valuable lessons from those who do not have the material wealth or the comforts that we have here in America. We must not allow ourselves to develop an attitude like the Laodicean assembly. Instead we must develop the characteristics of the Philadelphia congregation. We can certainly learn this from our Kenyan brethren.

Last year we had to deal with drought conditions while this year we had unseasonably wet weather. Each condition brings its own circumstances. Because most of the roads are unpaved, we often had to deal with mud and roads that were made impassable by all the rain. We would take the car as far as we could and walk the rest of the way and the people were always glad to see us when we arrived. Even when we were three or four hours late due to unforeseen circumstances, they never complained. They always wanted to sit up and discuss the scriptures until late into the night. The late nights reminded me of the lad who fell asleep and then fell out of the window while Paul spoke late into the night.

We are adding a few pictures from the recent missionary journey. Once again thanks for your support of this great project. The brethren in Africa already want to know when we are going to return. We have informed them that as Yahweh provides the funds, we will make our plans for a return trip. As you know we have a special account for special Kenya contributions. We ask that you continue to send in your donations specifically designated for Kenya and maybe we can return sooner than any of us anticipate.

Once again thanks for your support of this great project.

Yahweh Bless You,

Elder Karl B.

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