[ Dreams come alive in Kenya ]

August 2007 - Report From Kenya


I am just back in Nairobi. Am really tired as we left Nyamira at around five in the evening yesterday. We were scheduled to meet other seekers who are coming out of Sunday worship today at 8 in the morning. Overall the travel was a success. The partial funds that were donated by the faithful brethren in YPTC sometime back for roofing a meeting hall in Nyamira was well used though the hall is still not yet complete.

We first landed at Raphael's place on Tuesday morning. I have not had internet access since Monday. We had travelled overnight . All are well there and I can say with clarity there has been lots of improvement on Raphaels part as well as the teachings. At least there are no deities in their mouths. Later that day we travelled to Segera. This is a place we went when you were here and there was lots of mud we had to push the car. It was as muddy as ever even this time. We talked to the brethren, encouraging them to keep the faith for their reward will be great .

The following day it was so rainy in the morning till around 11. We had scheduled the day to have a meeting with would be leaders from various Congregations. As at now we have 6 locations where people meet for sabbath services with the greater Kisii region including Nyamira. After talking to these people and telling them to request that the brethren tithe and give so we can develop their local Congregations, we trekked to a hospital where a mother of one the brethren is admited. We annointed her and believe Yahweh will heal her.

The following day we went on to Migori. We preached to this people ealier this year when we travelled with Moses. We were simply moved by the will of this people to serve Yahweh. They rented a place to meet for services and as of now they are 9 in number. As we discussed the upcoming feasts they requested they be allowed to hold the feasts in their home area. It is also becoming a reality that our plans to have all brethren come to Kisii for the feasts may not work out as they may not afford bus fare. So, if after meeting with others we all agree, there may be a location for each an every Ordained leader to go and conduct services. There may be 3 locations.

We left after sabbath for Narok. There is a very intrested group, but we have got to teach them first. We are going back there on Wednesday this week. We talked for some hours and may I say they do not seem to have a problem understanding.

All these lost souls are reached by the truth because we receive our wages from the hard earned tithes of the brethren out there. I know you are fighting for our cause and we are very grateful. We always pray Yahweh's will be done. He works whatever He wills unhindered by time or space. We are also praying about the matter as we now cannot imagine pasturing Yahweh's flock all over Kenya, and maybe beyond soon without the much needed assitance.

We will put the new roof on the old lady's house on Tuesday.

Lastly, let me tell you why I have a big reason to be grateful to Yahweh. On Thurday as my wife was heating water with an electric heater, there was a black out. Rather than pull the heater out the socket, she just took the thing out of the water and placed it on the couch. She forgot all about and went out only to come back at six in the evening. As soon as she opened the door the lights came back and the couch started burning. For more than TEN HOURS, Yahweh ordered that the black-out remain and no power for the whole of this location. Had the power come back one hour earlier or any other time during the day, all that I have, including the Computer and printer would have been razed to ashes as the door and the gate was closed. I have more faith and trust than ever and if anything, I believe Prayer of saints prevailed and satan did not have a chance to celebrate.

Yahweh bless all who seek to do His will