[ The Trumans - Age Doesnít Matter ]

Most people believe that to make any difference in the world, you have to be famous, or rich, or have power and control over how things are run. But the truth is, you donít have to be any of those things to make a difference in life. Anybody can have a profound influence and effect in the lives or circumstances of others. Letís watch and see how Peter, the youngest member in his family, can make a difference too.

Age Doesnít Matter

"Hello," said Peter as he answered the home phone.

"Pete, this is Mom. Is Dad there? I have some great news!" she said excitedly.

"What? Whatís going on?" asked Peter.

"First, is he there?" replied his mom.

"Yea, everybodyís here, whatís up Mom?" said Peter.

"Great! Put me on the speaker so everyone can hear, this is so exciting!" she insisted.

"Hey, you guyís," Peter hollered into the living room, "Momís on the phone with some news and she wants everybody in here!"

The rest of the family came into the hall and crowded around the phone.

"Whatís up dear?" asked Dad, as Peter turned on the speaker phone.

"I GOT THE JOB!" Mom shouted.

"YEA MOM!" the whole family cheered, almost in unison.

"Congratulations, dear!" said Dad. "Letís all go out to dinner tonight for a celebration ó- on me!"

Later that night at the restaurant Peterís mom scanned the menu, "Wow, so many choices," she said. "This really is too nice of a restaurant. Look at these prices."

"Donít worry about that dear," replied Dad, "youíre worth every penny. And this IS a celebration!"

"Oh, come on you two," commented Peter, with a disgusted look on his face, "why do you have to get so mushy?

Some of us would like to eat later you know."

"Oh Peter, donít be such a baby," said Phoebe with a smile, "that look on your face is going to ruin my dinner, and you donít see me complaining."

"Phoebe, be nice to your brother," said Mom. "Matt, why donít you and Pete go get your salads."

"Alright, come on Pete," said Matt.

"Matt, Iíve gotta go to the restroom first. Iíll be back in a minute," Peter said.

"Alright, be careful," replied Matt.

When he returned Matt was already heading back to his seat so Peter grabbed a salad plate from the salad bar and made his salad. When he was done he was about to head back to the table. On the way back as he was walking past one of the tables, a very large man seated there called to him.

"Excuse me son," said the man, "would you please do me a favor? Could you hand me that pitcher of water on the salad bar, please? I would be very grateful."

Peter was a little shocked at the request, but even moreso at the size of the man. He thought about saying no, because his parents had told him not to talk to strangers a number of times. But he figured he was in a restaurant and his family was only a few tables away. As he handed the man the pitcher Peter thought that he had to be the biggest guy he had ever seen Ö. maybe weighing over 400 pounds, and he really looked red and unhealthy.

"Wow, I ought to tell him to get up and get it," Peter thought, smiling to himself; "he could really use the exercise!"

The man thanked him and as he walked back to his familyís table he thought a little guiltily to himself, "What if that were me? How would I feel if no one helped me?" Like that adage in Matthew 7:12, "So in everything, do to others what you would have them to do you, for this sums up the Laws and the Prophets."

Peter sat down with his family and told them what had happened. Peteís mom and dad were both very proud of him for doing a good deed.

"That sure was a good meal dear," said Mom, as she scanned through the radio stations in their car. "Thank you so much for taking us all out."

"Youíre welcome," said Dad, "this really turned out to be a really nice evening. When do you haveÖ." Just then the car sputtered a few times and then the engine quit.

As dad pulled the car over to the shoulder Mom asked, "What is it? Whatís wrong?"

He looked down at the instrument panel on the car. "Well, isnít this just perfect! I think the gas gauge is broken and weíre out of gas," he exclaimed, exasperated.

"I remember seeing a gas station across the street from the restaurant," Peter volunteered from the backseat.

"Thanks Peter," said Dad. "Alright, Iíll walk back to the gas station and buy some gas and you guys wait here and lock the doors until I get back. Okay?"

"I want to go with you Dad," said Peter. "I can help you carry the gas can back! Itís a pretty long way."

"Oh, dear," exclaimed Mom. "Heís a little too young for that walk."

"Itíll be alright, Hon," said dad. "Itís Peterís night to help out."

So Peter and his dad started out to the gas station. They had only gone about a half a mile when they saw a pickup truck coming their way. Neither of them really paid much attention until the truck slowed down as it got closer. Peter looked up and saw that the man he had helped in the restaurant was driving.

"Hi there," said the man, as he rolled to a stop, "are you in need of some help?"

"Yes, in fact we are," replied Mr. Truman, "Our car ran out of gas. Would you mind giving us a lift to the gas station?"

"Sure, I donít mind at all. Hop in," said the man.

The man drove Peter and his dad back to the gas station.

"Thanks for the ride," Dad said, "we really appreciate it."

"Iíll wait here for you and give you and your son a ride back to your car," the man said. "Itís getting really dark and youíll be walking for at least an hour."

After they bought and filled up the can he dropped them back at their car.

"Let me give you some money for your trouble," said Dad, as he pulled out his wallet from his pocket.

"No, I canít accept your money. This is just returning a favor to your son. I donít usually pay much attention to people along the side of the road, but I recognized your son, and his kindness to me at the restaurant made me stop to help. I had just choked on a piece of food and needed a drink. Iím on medications for an illness that makes me this big and I get weak at times."

"Wow, thatís really generous of you sir, thanks," said Mr. Truman.

"Youíre welcome," said the man in the truck. "You have raised a kind and thoughtful son, sir. You should be very proud." He then rolled his window back up and drove away.

Mr. Truman stood for a moment waving bye to the man, and then proceeded to put the gasoline into the gas tank. Before they both got back into car, Peterís dad put his hand on Peterís shoulder and said, "Iím really proud of what you did Peter." Peter just looked up at his dad and smiled back at him and said, "Thanks, Dad." He and Peter then got back into the car with the rest of the family and drove home.

This really could have been a bad situation for the Trumanís. If Peter hadnít done that good deed, the man in the truck might not have stopped to help them. You see, even though you may think youíre just a kid, your actions can really make a difference, just like Peterís did. Just by that little act of kindness, even though he had misgivings, Peterís actions helped save the day. It may not always be this obvious but kindness can make a huge difference in someoneís life. You may never know how, but rest assuredÖ it does! Just like David killed Goliath with only a sling and a stone, you too can make a huge difference in life... AT ANY AGE!