[ The Trumans - Mercy Triumphs over Judgment Pt 2 ]

Mercy Triumphs over Judgment Part 2

Previously in the Trumanís . . . .Peter invited his new friend, Wayne. over to his house, to see a new video game that Peter got. Later after Wayne left Peterís house, the Truman family went to a theater to see a movie. When they all got home, their house had been robbed.

"No officer, they didnít take too much," said Mr. Truman to the police officer that came to check out the damage done to his house, "Just the television, the DVD player, the silverware my mom gave us, and some other odds and ends."

"Alright, well try to compile a list of all the items that you have missing and then give us a call so we can be on the lookout for these items," replied the police officer as, he jotted down some notes onto his pad.

"Do you think thereís any chance you might be able to find our stuff?" asked Mr. Truman. "The silverware has sentimental value."

The police officer stopped what he was doing and looked Mr. Truman squarely in the eye and said, "Iím not going to lie to you, sir. Most of the time when itís small stuff like this, itís hard to track down, but we will do our best, Mr. Truman."

Mr. Truman then walked the officer back to front door, and then thanked him for his help. After the officer left, Mr. Truman went back to the living room where his family was waiting.

"The officer just left," said Mr. Truman to his family, "I guess we all better get to bed; itís very late. Weíll clean up this mess in the morning."

"Oh honey, how could this have happened to us?" asked Mrs. Truman, as she grabbed onto her husband and clung to him tightly, "Who could have done this to us?"

Mr. Truman looked down at his wife and then looked up to scan across the chaos in his house and said, "I donít know . . . . I just donít know."

(Earlier that afternoon around 4:05)

"Hi Mom, sorry Iím a little late," said Wayne as he burst through the front door of his apartment, "I went over to my friend Peterís house, and I lost track of the time."

"Thatís okay sweetie," replied Wayneís mom, as she looked up from the book she was studying,

"Did you have a good time?"

"I sure did," said Wayne, "We won the basketball game earlier, and then I got to play this awesome game."

"It sounds like you had a lot of fun," replied his mom.

"I sure did. Whereís Eric? I want to tell him about the basketball game," said Wayne.

"Your brother is in the living room watching the television."

"Oh okay, thanks."

As Wayne was leaving for the living room, suddenly he remembered something; something he had forgotten. He forgot his jacket at Peterís house.

"Argh, I canít believe it!" exclaimed Wayne.

"What . . . what is it?" asked his mom.

"I forgot my jacket at Peterís house. Do you mind if I call him and ask if I can go back to his house really quick and grab it?"

"His house isnít too far, is it?" asked his mom.

"No, itís actually only 15 minutes from here on foot at 14 Riverwood St.," replied Wayne.

"Alright, you can call," said his mom.

Wayne called Peter immediately. When he got a hold of Pete, he explained his whole jacket situation, and asked if he could come over and grab it. Any other time Peter wouldnít have really minded having Wayne come over again, but his family was in the process of eating dinner, and then afterward they were all going to see a movie at the theater, so it really wasnít a very good time. Peter suggested that he could just bring Wayneís jacket to school tomorrow. Wayne thought it to be a good idea, and so agreed on that plan, and then said their byes to each other again and each hung up the phone.

"Well?" asked Wayneís mom.

"Heís going to bring it to school tomorrow because his family is going to the theater tonight," said Wayne.

"Oh, okay," she replied.

As Wayne stood there by the phone, he started thinking about something, and his mom could tell something was bothering her son. She always knew when there was something wrong.

"What is it sweetie?" asked him mom, "Is there something the matter?"

"Mom, are we ever going to get out of this place and find a better home?" he asked.

"Of course we are," she replied as she held her sonís hand, "Why do you ask such a question?"

"When I was over a Peterís house, he had such a nice house; at least it was nicer than this apartment. Sometimes I just get tired of being poor," said Wayne, as he looked into his motherís eyes.

"I understand how you feel; I also get tired of how we are forced to live, but soon it will get better. Youíll see," she replied and smiled back at him.

"Thanks Mom," he replied, "I feel better now. I think Iíll go see what Eric is doing now and tell him about my day. It doesnít sound like the television is on anymore, so he probably isnít too busy."

"Alright," said his mom, as she let go of his hand.

(The Trumanís house, the next day after the robbery)

Mr. Truman stayed home the next day. He decided it was best to call off of work to take care of the damage done to his house. The rest of the family went about their daily activities since none of them were able to take off any time without any negative repercussions. Mr. Truman finally cleaned up all the mess and at the same time was able to compile a list of all the stolen items. He was just about to pick up the phone to call the police headquarters so he could give them his list of stolen items when the phone rang.

"Hello," said Mr. Truman.

"Hi, is this Samuel Truman?" replied the voice over the phone.

"Yes, this is. May I ask who is calling?" Sam asked.

"This is Officer Greene from the police department. I was the officer who came to your house last night in response to your robbery."

"What can I do for you, Officer?"

"I have some good news for you and some bad news, sir."

"Give me the bad news first."

"We still havenít located your belongings yet, but we have a lead on where it is located," said the officer.

"Alright, well what is the good news?"

"We caught the guy who robbed you."

To be continued...