[ November Newsletter ]

Greetings to You in Yahweh’s Great Name,

Truly Yahweh is good to Israel. He has remembered His people in these last days and has revealed Himself to us through His Word and the Word made flesh—Yahshua the Messiah. Yahweh is recovering His scattered people in part, by way of His feast days. Those who seek Him are listening to His voice and finding Him. “Yahweh will scatter you among the peoples, and you will be left few in number among the nations where Yahweh drives you. There you will serve idols, the work of man's hands, wood and stone, which neither see nor hear nor eat nor smell. But from there you will seek Yahweh your Elohim, and you will find Him if you search for Him with all your heart and all your soul. When you are in distress and all these things have come upon you, in the latter days you will return to Yahweh your Elohim and listen to His voice. For Yahweh your Elohim is a compassionate Elohim; He will not fail you nor destroy you nor forget the covenant with your fathers which He swore to them.” (Deuteronomy 4:27-31; NASU)

We have found Yahweh and we are listening to His voice. We have met with Him at the appointed time and He has remembered us and blessed us. HalleluYAH!!

The feast days of the seventh month were truly inspirational. The Feast of Tabernacles was by far the best that we have ever observed. What a wonderful time of worship we had as the brethren gathered and met with our King and Heavenly Father. Since returning home, we are in the process of putting the feast theme into action by “Carrying the Good News to the Nations.” Even as this newsletter is being written, Elder Karl Bloodworth is preparing to embark on his second trip to Kenya, East Africa, to gather with all the brethren there and to bring the Kingdom message to all those whom he meets. Karl will be leaving on November 13 and will spend two weeks there preaching the Word and helping to organize and build the work there.

How grateful we are for our Kenyan brethren. They have proven their dedication to Yahweh and their love for the Truth! They continue to work diligently to spread the Truth of Yahweh’s Word to a people who Yahweh is remembering because they fear Him and know His Name.

“Then those who feared Yahweh spoke to one another, and Yahweh gave attention and heard it, and a book of remembrance was written before Him for those who fear Yahweh and who esteem His name. ‘They will be Mine,’ says Yahweh of hosts, ‘On the day that I prepare My own possession, and I will spare them as a man spares his own son who serves him.’ So you will again distinguish between the righteous and the wicked, between one who serves Elohim and one who does not serve Him.” (Malachi 3:16-18; NASU)

We ask all of the brethren and friends of this ministry to diligently pray for Elder Bloodworth and for the success of this important ministerial trip. Since last year, when Elders Joyner and Bloodworth made the first trip to Kenya, the brethren there have been looking forward to their return. Many things were accomplished last year and much more is planned for this trip. With the recently acquired vehicle, Elder Bloodworth, along with several of the Kenyan elders, will be able to travel to some new areas in Kenya. It is truly astounding how Yahweh has blessed the efforts of the elders and brethren in reaching new people with the truth. Elsewhere in this news- letter there is more to be said about the Kenyan ministry. We look forward with reporting the progress of this trip in future newsletters.

What Happened to Israel?

Now that enough time has gone by we can assess the recent war in Israel. After 34 days of fighting and no released prisoners, did Israel really win? While Israel claims to have accomplished their objectives, only time will tell whether or not this is true. If the prisoners are not released soon (alive) this war will have been fought for nothing. It was reported in Arutz Sheva that Israel has offered to release 600 terrorists (mostly women and minors) to gain the freedom of the soldier kidnapped by Hamas. We who are sound thinkers know that this war has only made the enemies of the Jews (Israel) hungry for more blood. Israel’s enemies grow stronger every day. Could this be the beginning of Ezekiel 25:1-7? “The word of Yahweh came to me: Son of man, set your face against the Ammonites and prophesy against them. Say to them, 'Hear the word of the Sovereign Yahweh. This is what the Sovereign Yahweh says: Because you said "Aha!" over my sanctuary when it was desecrated and over the land of Israel when it was laid waste and over the people of Judah when they went into exile, therefore I am going to give you to the people of the East as a possession. They will set up their camps and pitch their tents among you; they will eat your fruit and drink your milk. I will turn Rabbah into a pasture for camels and Ammon into a resting place for sheep. Then you will know that I am Yahweh.’ For this is what the Sovereign Yahweh says: ‘Because you have clapped your hands and stamped your feet, rejoicing with all the malice of your heart against the land of Israel, therefore I will stretch out my hand against you and give you as plunder to the nations. I will cut you off from the nations and exterminate you from the countries. I will destroy you, and you will know that I am the Yahweh.’” (NIV)

The fact that Israel folded and ran at the first sign of pressure from the nations of the world and did not rely completely upon Yahweh for their deliverance only means their enemies will return, since this is seen as weakness on the part of Israel.

In the 1967 “Six Day War” Israel defeated Egypt, Jordan and Syria who were planning an attack on Israel simultaneously. These countries had conspired together to destroy Israel. In that war Egypt lost about 11,000 troops, Jordan lost about 6000, and Syria lost about 1000 while Israel lost about 700. Yahweh was truly with them in a mighty way. However, Yahweh had begun to call his people back (teshuva) from the four corners of the earth many years earlier just as he prophesied he would do. Just a little known history here, in the year 1897, at the summons of Theodore Herzl, the First Zionist Congress convened and “proclaimed the right of the Jewish people to national rebirth in its own country.”

In 1917 the Balfour Declaration declared that the Jewish people historically had a right to Eretz Israel and that they should rebuild their National Home. It was only after the Nazi destruction of millions of Jews that the immigration really began to escalate. While the struggles to return to their homeland were severe, the Jews nevertheless seemed undaunted in their struggle to return. Much like a migrating bird feels the urgency to return to where its ancestors came from, the Jewish felt the same pull upon them to return to their land.

When the Balfour Declaration was signed the Arab population in Israel was 600,000 and outnumbered the Jews 10 to 1. Over the next 30 years, by the end of 1947, the Jewish population had grown to 600,000 while the Arabs increased to about 1.2 million. However the Jewish people who had returned were unified and determined to make the land blossom and be productive once again. After Israel’s victory in the 1948-1949 war there were only about 65,000 Arabs with about the same number of Bedouins. Most Arabs fled to neighboring countries. Today they want to return and take away the property they forsook almost 60 years ago.

Israel also defeated Egypt and Syria in the 1973 war. While both sides suffered heavy losses, Israel was able (with the help of Yahweh) to maintain control of the territories it had taken in the 1967 war.

Israel nonetheless has grown weaker through the years. Please take the time to read Jeremiah chapter 5 and see described how Yahweh wants to bless his people but they will not call on him by his name and they also make inroads around his law.

Israel boasts itself of having a strong army and many weapons. This will probably be their downfall since we are commanded in Proverbs 3:5-6: “Trust in the Yahweh with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways acknowledge him, and he will make your paths straight.” (NIV) Also in Isaiah 31:1 we read: “Woe to them that go down to Egypt for help; and stay on horses, and trust in chariots, because they are many; and in horsemen, because they are very strong; but they look not to the Holy One of Israel, neither seek Yahweh!” (KJV)

The Israeli government looks to its own strength and the support of the United States rather than looking to Yahweh, which is what Isaiah is warning against. The nation of Israel has not grown spiritually over the years but has instead grown worldly and thereby weaker, as during the Temple era. Yahshua reproved the people for depending on their own self-righteousness and for looking to the Temple as a guarantee for protection from their enemies. Yahshua tells the disciples in Matt 24:2: “But he answered and said unto them, See ye not all these things? Verily I say unto you, there shall not be left here one stone upon another that shall not be thrown down.” (ASV)

In the book of Jeremiah we read in Jeremiah 7:1-15: “This is the word that came to Jeremiah from Yahweh: ‘Stand at the gate of Yahweh's house and there proclaim this message: “Hear the word of Yahweh, all you people of Judah who come through these gates to worship Yahweh.”’ This is what Yahweh Almighty, the Elohim of Israel, says: ‘Reform your ways and your actions, and I will let you live in this place. Do not trust in deceptive words and say, “this is the temple of Yahweh, the temple of Yahweh, the temple of Yahweh!” If you really change your ways and your actions and deal with each other justly, if you do not oppress the alien, the fatherless or the widow and do not shed innocent blood in this place, and if you do not follow other elohim to your own harm, then I will let you live in this place, in the land I gave your forefathers for ever and ever. But look, you are trusting in deceptive words that are worthless.

Will you steal and murder, commit adultery and perjury, burn incense to Baal and follow other elohim you have not known, and then come and stand before me in this house, which bears my Name, and say, We are safe — safe to do all these detestable things? Has this house, which bears my Name, become a den of robbers to you? But I have been watching, declares Yahweh of Host. Go now to the place in Shiloh where I first made a dwelling for my Name, and see what I did to it because of the wickedness of my people Israel. While you were doing all these things, declares Yahweh, I spoke to you again and again, but you did not listen; I called you, but you did not answer. Therefore, what I did to Shiloh I will now do to the house that bears my Name, the temple you trust in, the place I gave to you and your fathers. I will thrust you from my presence, just as I did all your brothers, the people of Ephraim.’” (NIV)

Yahweh demands that we always depend on him for our protection. If we are faithful He tells us in Psalm 91 and other places that He will fight our battles for us.

Israel fought for 34 days taking very little land in the conflict. What’s more they immediately began pulling out without achieving its initial goal—securing the release of the kidnapped soldiers. At this time do not know the fate of these men. Their government seems to have forsaken them. The brave men and women of the Israeli army seem to have lost their lives in vain. We must ask, “How long, Oh Yahweh, will this bloodshed be allowed to continue?”

Hezbollah is not a rag-tag group of militiamen, but it faced one of the strongest and well equipped armies in the world and held them off with great success. Given enough time Israel would have defeated them but, let us remember they killed about 18,000 men in the1967 “Six Day War.”

As the terrorists were raining bombs daily upon Israeli cities most of the world was demanding that Israel stop its offensive, saying that it was “disproportionate.” The terrorists were never condemned. The world for the most part is anti-Semitic and it is now showing. Recently, it was reported in the news that an army of 30,000 men will now be amassed on the border between Israel and Lebanon. This army will be made up of 15,000 Lebanese soldiers (a number of which could be Hezbollah) and 15,000 plus, from other nations. That puts a large army at Israel’s doorstep which could quickly descend upon Jerusalem. It was also reported in Arutz Sheva that Israel has offered to release 600 terrorists (mostly women and minors) to gain the freedom of the soldier kidnapped by Hamas. The purpose for the war in Lebanon was to show the terrorist that kidnapping does not pay. If this report proves to be true, the lives of every Israeli soldier just went on the chopping block and will also send the message that terrorism does indeed PAY! It could also encourage future soldier kidnappings. Israel is truly growing weaker and weaker with every passing day.

While we do not try to predict when Yahshua will return, we are urging everyone to awaken from their spiritual sleep. Even those who study the scriptures must begin to read more deeply into the prophecies of Yahweh’s Word to know what lies ahead. Just as on the day of Pentecost, those who gathered in the upper room did not fully understand Yahshua’s prediction until after they had received the Holy Spirit. If they had not been familiar with the scriptures; they would not have understood the significance of the events that took place. Study the Scriptures and know what the signs of the times are pointing towards. If you do this you will not be led astray by false prophets when they say “he is over here or over there.” (Matthew 24:23-28) May Yahweh give each one a deeper insight into His Word so that we can work out our own salvation.

Understanding the 3rd Year Tithe

On the Day of Atonement, October 3, 2006, we began the sixth year of the present Sabbatical cycle. There are many important aspects of the Sabbatical year observance that the true worshipers of Yahweh need to understand and faithfully fulfill. These include a special tithe many people refer to as the “3rd tithe” or the “poor tithe” and it is found in Deuteronomy chapter 14:

“At the end of every third year you shall bring out all the tithe of your produce in that year, and shall deposit it in your town. The Levite, because he has no portion or inheritance among you, and the alien, the orphan and the widow who are in your town, shall come and eat and be satisfied, in order that Yahweh your Elohim may bless you in all the work of your hand which you do.” (Deuteronomy 14:28-29; NASU)

Let us spend a little time looking deeper into this requirement in Yahweh’s perfect law.

The word tithe means “tenth.” This commanded tithe is to be derived from all increase (income) earned every third year. Please take note that the context of this passage precedes chapter 15, which deals specifically with the Sabbatical year. Since there is no planting and harvesting in the Sabbatical year, we therefore understand that this tithe is to be applied to the 3rd and 6th year of the scriptural, seven year cycle. Saving this tithe and dispersing it to those in need is the responsibility of each individual person. It is Yahweh’s way of keeping his people involved in charitable causes to help fulfill the commandment to love and have compassion toward one’s neighbor.

The term “in your town” in the above passage, has been translated various ways and conveys the understanding that dispensing this tithe is the responsibility of each individual person. This is further explained in Deuteronomy 26:12-15. “When you have finished paying all the tithe of your increase in the third year, the year of tithing, then you shall give it to the Levite, to the stranger, to the orphan and to the widow, that they may eat in your towns and be satisfied. You shall say before Yahweh your Elohim, ‘I have removed the sacred portion from my house, and also have given it to the Levite and the alien, the orphan and the widow, according to all your commandments which You have commanded me; I have not transgressed or forgotten any of Your commandments. I have not eaten of it while mourning, nor have I removed any of it while I was unclean, nor offered any of it to the dead. I have listened to the voice of Yahweh my Elohim; I have done according to all that You have commanded me. Look down from Your holy habitation, from heaven, and bless Your people Israel, and the ground which You have given us, a land flowing with milk and honey, as You swore to our fathers.’” (NASU)

Notice how the personal pronoun “I” is used in this passage to show that the individual is responsible for setting aside the tithe and dispersing it in a responsible manner to those in need. Because the person who observes this commandment is obligated to “remove the sacred portion from his house” at the end of the 3rd tithe year, we accept any unused 3rd tithe and keep it in a separate account which in turn is dispersed to people in need between 3rd tithe years.

The scriptures do not support the teaching that the tithe for the poor must be collected and administered by a central authority during the 3rd year. It is up to the individual to decide where the tithe should be applied, as this is a way Almighty Yahweh may see the true heart of each person. In YPTC we also make the brethren aware of any who are in need and qualify for this tithe. Those who wish to contribute to this cause can send their monetary gift to us and we in turn can distribute it to those needy people.

A good example of this is the relief effort we have sponsored for the brethren in Kenya. We made the brethren aware of the needs and they have responded with the financial support. YPTC’s responsibility is to coordinate the charitable programs we sponsor and report the progress to the brethren. But, the decision where and to whom to contribute remains with the contributor.

For the benefit of those who do not have access to the internet, what follows is from the YPTC website.

A few of the previous projects that have been posted on this page have been completed, thanks to Almighty Yahweh, and the generous offerings of brethren. Visit the Dreams Come Alive In Kenya page to see information about these completed projects:

    * Vehicle for evangelizing
    * Water reservoir for the Holy Days
    * House for Sister Mary Wambui

Below are projects that are still outstanding. Please continue reading to see what you can do to make a difference in the lives of the Brethren in Kenya.

Children's Education

Waithera (pronounced Wy-theer'a) is the 17 year old daughter of a new YPTC member and would dearly love to continue school. She has graduated the eighth grade but like most children in Kenya her mother cannot afford the $40.00 per month it costs to continue her education.

If you would like to sponsor this child or any of the other children wishing to continue their schooling, please contribute to the education fund. Updates and pictures will be posted as children are sponsored and we will report on their progress.

Worship Center Floor

This is the meeting hall outside Naivasha where the brethren gather for the FUB and FOT. This building has only a dirt floor. One project we would like to accomplish is to lay a concrete pad in place of the dirt. If funds can be raised to get the concrete, sand and gravel will be delivered separately and the brethren will mix and pour the floor by hand.


You too can contribute to these projects to create lasting improvements in the lives and communities of brethren in Kenya. Choose the project that you would most like to help with and write to us with your preferences. You can send a check or money order to:

Yahweh’s Philadelphia Truth Congregation
Attn: Kenya Mission Programs
P.O. Box 547
Loganville, GA 30052

Or go to the if you would like to contribute to any of these Kenyan Ministry projects via PayPal please make your choice on the special needs page and click on the paypal icon. Yahweh bless you for your help!

"Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you. And surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age." (Matt, 28:19-20, NIV)

Please be assured that 100% of all funds (less PayPal fees) offered WILL be used for the purpose you direct. As needs are fulfilled these lists will be updated.

As you can see from this information, YPTC is actively involved with helping these real people with real needs. The funds contributed for this effort are not put in the general fund but rather, exclusively to the project or person to which they have been directed. In this way YPTC is just a conduit between those who obey the commandment and those to whom they wish to help. We have sent representatives to Kenya and they have proven the sincerity of these people and found them to honest and hard working people. It is incumbent upon those of us who have been financially blessed by Yahweh, to help those, especially of the household of faith, who are in need. Yahshua stated this in the parable of the sheep and the goats.

“Then the King will say to those on His right, 'Come, you who are blessed of My Father, inherit the kingdom prepared for you from the foundation of the world. 'For I was hungry, and you gave Me something to eat; I was thirsty, and you gave Me something to drink; I was a stranger, and you invited Me in; naked, and you clothed Me; I was sick, and you visited Me; I was in prison, and you came to Me.' "Then the righteous will answer Him, 'Master, when did we see You hungry, and feed You, or thirsty, and give You something to drink? 'And when did we see You a stranger, and invite You in, or naked, and clothe You? 'When did we see You sick, or in prison, and come to You?' " The King will answer and say to them, 'Truly I say to you, to the extent that you did it to one of these brothers of Mine, even the least of them, you did it to Me.'” (Matthew 25:34-40; NASU)

It is required of all those who would obey the commandments of Yahweh to use the “3rd” or “poor” tithe to fulfill the requirement to be charitable and help others who are in need. As the people of Yahweh and the disciples of Yahshua, we must prove our faith by way of our good works. That means helping others voluntarily and cheerfully.

“What use is it, my brethren, if someone says he has faith but he has no works? Can that faith save him? If a brother or sister is without clothing and in need of daily food, and one of you says to them, ‘Go in peace, be warmed and be filled,’ and yet you do not give them what is necessary for their body, what use is that? Even so faith, if it has no works, is dead, being by itself. But someone may well say, ‘You have faith and I have works; show me your faith without the works, and I will show you my faith by my works.’” (James 2:14-18; NASU)

Love is the spirit of the Law of Yahweh, and love and compassion are the reasons for the 3rd tithe commandment. Through obedience to this commandment, we are able to fulfill the second great commandment by helping our neighbor in need.

In the United States, the government collects taxes from it’s citizens and has established agencies to take care of the poor, the elderly, widows, orphans and others who are in need. The Social Security system is one of the government’s answers to the 3rd tithe. Yahweh’s method is funded with 10% of a person’s income in one of three years or 3.3% per year. For those who are employed by a business, the bureaucratic government system takes 7.5% of a person’s income every year and supposedly the business pays an additional 7.5% (In reality the worker contributes the entire amount as it is accounted as income expense by the employer). For those who are self employed, the government takes 15.3% of their income. In Yahweh’s system, individuals regulate the social system and control the use of the 3rd tithe. On the other hand, the government-run social service bureaucracy takes these taxes from the people and disperses them to whoever they deem needy. Taking into account the Sabbatical Year, Yahweh’s system costs each individual about 3% of their income over seven years. The governmental system, with its huge bureaucracy, costs between 8% and 20% of the average person’s income.

Because there is an overlap between Yahweh’s system and the government system, we feel that it is justifiable for a person to reduce their 3rd tithe to offset the amount paid into Social Security. However, we do not believe we should deduct the full amount since in all likelihood we will receive some of this money back with interest when we retire. After lengthy, prayerful discussions, the elders of YPTC have concluded that those who are paying into the Social Security system can fulfill their scriptural obligation by tithing 5% of their gross income rather than 10%. If you have any questions about your particular situation, please contact us.

Please remember, the 3rd year tithe is totally separate from, and is in addition to the 1st tithe. The first tithe belongs to Yahweh to be used for His purposes in establishing His called out congregation.

“Thus all the tithe of the land, of the seed of the land or of the fruit of the tree, is Yahweh’s; it is holy to Yahweh. If, therefore, a man wishes to redeem part of his tithe, he shall add to it one-fifth of it. For every tenth part of herd or flock, whatever passes under the rod, the tenth one shall be holy to Yahweh. He is not to be concerned whether it is good or bad, nor shall he exchange it; or if he does exchange it, then both it and its substitute shall become holy. It shall not be redeemed.” (Leviticus 27:30-33; NASU)

It is evident when this passage is compared to Deuteronomy 14:28-29 that this is an entirely different tithe. We will have more to say about the 1st tithe and the Sabbatical year in future publications. The 1st tithe is “holy to Yahweh” and it is to be given to Him. The 3rd year tithe is for those who qualify and is not designated as “holy to Yahweh.”

In conclusion, since this is a 3rd tithe year we must fulfill our obligation and set apart that tithe to help the poor and needy. All of us should also remember that old proverb… “There but for the grace of Yahweh go I!” One never knows when the need may befall any one of us.

For the Kids

As was mentioned at the recent Feast of Tabernacles, we are planning on broadening the appeal of our website by adding new areas. The first addition to the site is a regular monthly section called “The Truman’s.” This section of ongoing short stories about Peter Truman and his family will center on moral, ethical, and scriptural dilemmas faced by young people who are seeking to serve Yahweh.

Since not all of our members have access to the internet, we are publishing the first installment of this section in our newsletter. We hope you enjoy this story.


  • 2006 FOT. What a magnificent and inspiring gathering! The brethren assembled to pay respect and honor to our Father Yahweh and His Son, Yahshua, for the 2006 Feast of Tabernacles convocation. Traditionally, Israel convened to thank Yahweh for His generosity. We too expressed our appreciation to Yahweh during this eight-day meeting.

    All present could see Yahweh in our midst. We thank Yahweh for allowing us to worship and serve Him and for manifesting Himself to us during this special observance.

  • 8th Month New Moon. The new moon has been confirmed for the eighth month. The month started on October 24 after the crescent was sighted the previous evening. We thank each one who diligently watches for the appearance of the new crescent each month. There were at least four confirmed sightings in Kenya and 1 in Mississippi.
  • 9th Month New Moon. The 9th month will begin on November 23, pending verification of the crescent on evening of November 22. We urge you to look for the moon and to call in your report. Our toll free number is 888-FOR-YPTC.
  • FOT Baptisms. We are pleased to report that three individuals made their covenant commitment with Almighty Yahweh through the shed blood of our Redeemer, Yahshua the Messiah. Our congratulations go to these new lambs in the faith. May Almighty Yahweh bless them as they join the brethren who walk the narrow pathway that leads to life.
  • FOT Ordinations. During the 2006 FOT three new deacons were ordained. It is our sincere prayer that Yahweh gives them an extra measure of His Spirit to enable them to do the work Yahweh has called them to perform.
  • Six Month Separation. The time between the Feast of Tabernacles and Passover is often a very difficult period. There are no feast days for spiritual encouragement and inspiration. Services during this time are local and do not generally include brethren from other areas. Satan frequently uses this opportunity to discourage and attack.

    However, we can still make use of our close ties by calling, emailing and writing each other. Yahweh has placed us in this body of believers so that we can assist and encourage one another. Make certain to use the valuable people-resource we have. Call and write each other. Also, remain in contact with us. We are all here to support each other.

Prayer Requests

Each month we receive requests from worshipers around the world asking for the brethren to join them in petitioning our Father, Yahweh, through our Redeemer Yahshua, for assistance in some matters. In some cases the petitioner is seriously ill and in need of healing. In other instances, comfort is needed after the loss of a loved one. In still other situations, assistance is required for temporal matters.

We thank Almighty Yahweh each day for His blessings, and we appreciate all those who prayerfully give their support. It is a great honor and privilege to know Yahweh’s truth and to participate in putting it forth. Please remember to pray for this ministry and all those sincere seekers of truth who have extended the right hand of fellowship to us.

You can submit your request for inclusion on the prayer list in several ways.

Write to us at:
Yahweh’s Philadelphia Truth Congregation
P.O. Box 547, Loganville, GA 30052 or
Call us toll free at: 1-888-FOR-YPTC (1-888-367-9782)

Keep Your Eyes on the Prize

With all that is going on in Israel and in the rest of the world, we must keep our eyes on the prize of Yahweh’s coming kingdom. Spiritually speaking, we must go in and possess the Promised Land. In order to do that we must be strong and show our faith through loving obedience to the Word of Yahweh.

“You shall therefore keep every commandment which I am commanding you today, so that you may be strong and go in and possess the land into which you are about to cross to possess it; so that you may prolong your days on the land which Yahweh swore to your fathers to give to them and to their descendants, a land flowing with milk and honey. ‘For the land, into which you are entering to possess it, is not like the land of Egypt from which you came, where you used to sow your seed and water it with your foot like a vegetable garden. ‘But the land into which you are about to cross to possess it, a land of hills and valleys, drinks water from the rain of heaven, a land for which Yahweh your Elohim cares; the eyes of Yahweh your Elohim are always on it, from the beginning even to the end of the year.’” (Deuteronomy 11:8-12; NASU)

Let us keep our eyes on the kingdom and be obedient to Yahweh’s covenant and we will be identified as one of the saints of the time of the end. “Here is the perseverance of the saints who keep the commandments of Yahweh and their faith in Yahshua.” (Revelation 14:12; NASU)

We thank Yahweh for all those who support this ministry and its efforts to establish Yahweh’s kingdom on this earth. We express our appreciation to the faithful few who are part of the remnant of Israel that is returning to Yahweh in these last days.

May Almighty Yahweh continue to bless His people and may we be that people.

Your Brethren in Yahweh’s Truth

(The Sacred Names have been reinserted into the various quoted translations.)