[ References & Resources ]

These reference books are provided as an informational service for members and people of good faith.

Caution should be exercised in using these books as some information found throughout may not be in accordance to our understanding of the Scriptures. However, they provide useful information of general interest to enhance our study and understanding of biblically-related topics.

The Bush Scroll

    This historic document, known as "Megillat Bush - The Bush Scroll" states unequivocally the stand of the Jewish nation concerning the indivisible integrity of the Land of Israel, a stand which has remained unchanged throughout four thousand years of history and two thousand years of exile.

The Two Babylons

    The Two Babylons - The Papal Worship Proved to be the Worship of Nimrod and His Wife by Rev. Alexander Hislop.

Fox's Book of Martyrs

    This classic work records many true stories of how believers were persecuted for their faith.

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The Book of Psalms

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"The Last Lecture" - by Randy Pausch as Reprised on the Oprah Show.

This is a very moving lecture from a man diagnosed with cancer who has been given just a few months to live. We are posting it here for inspirational purposes only. All views stated or implied are those of the author.